Style Guide

Looking good has never been easier. 

We've put together winning looks for every wardrobe. All you have to do is prepare to look good and feel even better.


Kick back at the pool with a beer in hand, in our Katin hybrid swim trunks - perfect for everything the summer has in store.

Diamond Head Hybrid Trunk $59

Poolside Hybrid Swim Trunk $59

Jade Hybrid Trunk           $59


Cali Love

Temperatures may be hot, but stay cool and look good in this west coast inspired outfit.

Prickly Men's Shirt             $65

Poolside Hybrid Swim Trunk $59

Westwood Tennis Shoe   $78

No Days Off

Pack up your laptop, hit a local spot with wifi, and don't let the weekend stop you from getting work done. Crank out your work in these comfortable essentials.

Folk Knit Tee                     $35

Poolside Hybrid Swim Trunk $59

Kanken Backpack $80

Breaking Waves

For the surfers that live in their swim trunks - go from the beach to the streets in this surf inspired outfit.

Maroon Printed Short Sleeve Buttondown $65 

Poolside Hybrid Swim Trunk $59

Westwood Tennis Shoe   $78


For the guy who's always on the move - stay as sharp as your sales pitch. 

Dark Wash Chambray - Short Sleeve Buttondown                  $68

5 Pocket Slim Fit Cord              $88

Kanken No.2                            $130


Summer Vibes

Do casual Friday at the office in style with the comfort and ease of this look.

Heather Midnight - LA Three-button Henley                           $58

Wheat - 7" Slim Stretch Washed Chino Short                               $78

Bresson Silver/Brown Leather Watch                                        $90


Beachin' It

Stroll through your vacation spot in style with the ultimate summer print.

Chambray Palms - Short Sleeve Buttondown                              $88

Wheat - 7" Slim Stretch Washed Chino Short                               $78

Westwood Tennis Shoe Standard $78


American-made, lightweight outerwear on top of a white tee is a look that never goes out of style. 

Field Tan Waxed Canvas Jacket $188

5 Pocket Slim Fit Cord              $88

Bresson Black/Brown Leather Watch                                        $90


Hit the streets in any city and go from day to night with these dynamic essentials.

LA Striped Crew Tee - Navy/White $26

Slim Fit Stretch Washed Chinos - Jet Blues                                   $98

Westwood Tennis Shoe Standard $78