Our Story

Pitch & Primer was founded in 2016 out of a respect for good style and a desire for a better experience. A cross-country trip took our founding team from Raleigh, NC to the diverse districts of New York through the historic streets of Chicago over to the funky neighborhoods of Portland and down to the heart of the San Francisco. In each city, we found quality brands and experiences that didn't exist in our hometown of Raleigh.

After playing with the idea of opening a brick-and-mortar in Raleigh, we realized that there were cities, like Raleigh, all across the US where shopping was non-existent for guys - cities that growing brands don't have access to and that big brands don't pay attention to. The next day we quit our jobs and decided to change the way brands reach America's best cities.

Today, we work with some of the most innovative men's brands in the world to bring quality styles and a unique experience to secondary cities across the United States through our Pitch & Primer mobile shops. 


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